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Interview: Brady Buckley, Founder & Director of Distribution Direct, Fulfillment/Warehouse topic on Got Invention Radio


As a seasoned dynamic leader with twenty-five years’ experience, Brady Buckley possesses a recognized ability to lead companies to unprecedented success. From entrepreneurial ventures, to multimillion dollar corporations, he understands that the recipe for success in business is not complicated. It is about caring for your customers, and caring for your team.

Master those two things and all the rest sorts itself out. Brady was a CEO in the telecommunications industry for many years prior to moving his attentions to warehouse and fulfillment. His hometown of Charlotte, NC, is one of the nation’s transportation hubs and he saw an opportunity to create a fulfillment business that, like the telecommunication industry, understood the relationship with customer satisfaction and efficient technology.

Since that light bulb moment, he has been working in the business since 2003 and founded Distribution Direct, an international warehouse and fulfillment center that specializes in fulfillment for the e-commerce store. www.distributiondirect.com

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