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Interview: Michael Talve, President,Vivo Natural Products on Got Invention Radio


Michael Talve is a 25 year old entrepreneur from New York. As a teenager, he had many different business ideas and developed his first businesses in junior high school. He created a number of different businesses as a teen- organized ski tours for his friends and classmates, sold sporting goods and collectibles through an online business, and marketed car cleaning and detailing services.At Babson College, he studied entrepreneurship and learned about the inner workings of a corporation.

Through additional work experience at two great companies- a highly successful mortgage bank, and a private equity company that owns many well known consumer products businesses (FIJI Water, POM Wonderful), he was able to focus in on his entrepreneurial ambitions. During his senior year at Babson, Mike wrote a business plan for VIVO Natural Products- a body and skin care company that creates natural products using only the finest quality ingredients that are sourced from suppliers in different parts of the world.

Today, VIVO Natural Products sells it’s soaps to retailers across the country including Whole Foods, and is one of the fastest growing companies in the natural category. The core of the business today remains as it was written in the first business plan: use great ingredients to make great skin care products and sell them at an affordable price.

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