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Interview: Robin Beher, Partner, In Clover Marketing -International Distribution Specialist on Got Invention Radio


Robin Behar is an executive level direct response expert with more then 20 years of industry experience. Seasoned in all aspects of DRTV – both in the domestic and global sectors – Robin has a unique and deep understanding of all go to market areas including strategic planning, offer development and strategy, financial and DRTV analytics, creative/production, backend operations, media planning and international licensing/distribution. In the span of her domestic career, Robin was charged with managing multi-million dollar integrated direct response marketing initiatives for corporate clients including Quaker State, Pedigree Puppy, Ziploc, Hoover, Estee Lauder and Braun.

Abroad, Robin began her career focused in Latin America where she launched a number of successful direct response initiatives for Murad Skin Care, Nest Entertainment’s Animated Bible Series and Total Gym 2000. She also set-up and managed on-the-ground DRTV operations in Mexico City and Sao Paolo gaining intimate knowledge of Latin consumer behavior and needs. Since 1996 through present day, Robin expanded her international career beyond Latin America. In 2000, she co-founded In Clover Marketing to offer global expansion and marketing services to successful DRTV brands and companies. Since 2000, In Clover has secured global distribution and brand awareness for DRTV products while generating millions in revenue for DRTV product owners across the world. In Clover Marketing has also developed and launched several proprietary products including Tablemate II – which has sold more than 3.5 million units since its inception and is sold in more than 65 countries around the world. Some of these international success stories also include Eggies, Mighty Putty, iRenew, Miche Bag, Sobakawa Cloud Pillow and Z Quiet to name a few.

Robin’s success in the domestic and international direct response arena is a reflection of her marketing talent, strategic skill set and holistic approach to an entire direct response campaign. She has a rare ability to understand strategic and tactical issues as they relate to both long and short form direct response campaigns – domestically and/or globally. Her experience includes strategic planning, campaign management, offer development, ROI and DRTV analytics, backend and global expansion efforts. Robin is has served on various industry councils, is an active contributor to industry publications. In Clover Marketing is a proud member of the Electronic Retailing Association.

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