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Interview: Mario Schulzke,Founder of IdeaMensch.com Thought Leaders Social Website on Got Invention Radio


Mario Schulzke is the founder of IdeaMensch. IdeaMensch is a community of people with ideas, where he profiles entrepreneurs, authors, artists, thought leaders, and others on how they bring ideas to life.
Past interviews included folks like Seth Godin, Craig Newmark, Dan Pink and Nancy Brinker.
Mario is also is a senior director at independent advertising agency WDCW, where he is managing the digital strategy group remotely from his hometown in Germany.

Before that, he worked at America’s largest independent DRTV agency – R2C Group, where he started and ran the new media division.

Mario is a first generation immigrant who came to America at the age of 16, much to the dismay of his family in Germany.
He sports funny socks, wears BluBlockers and collects colorful watches.

Mario lives between Los Angeles, Barcelona and his hometown of Plettenberg. When he isn’t trying to get his cat Otto to be cool with his girlfriend’s cat, Mario enjoys Ironman triathlons and pickup soccer.

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